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February 22, 2017

Carnival Time

Which dog will go to the Mardi Gras?

That is the question.  

I took Bonnet Blue one year, when I went as Mother Nature. He wore a fabulous green necklace of green leaf-shaped beads over his collar and got many a compliment.  But I noticed how anxious he was in the crowds and since he is getting older he seems to be more and more anxious in unfamiliar situations.  Just going in the car causes him to pant incessantly and he doesn't seem to be able to just lie and relax and enjoy the ride.  

On the other hand Kaspar went with me as my Loyal Steed when I was Berengere, Queen of Navarrre and he is so mellow, he enjoyed just walking and getting admired and petted.  

I'm considered taking the dachsies along when I was Queen of Jester - now talk of a couple of clowns those two but I'm afraid they would get stepped on and with Elfie being so sight and hearing - challenged now, I'm not sure it's such a good idea.  

Eva has never been.. She would enjoy the car ride into the city - that's for sure.  She may go a bit crazy for all the exciitment around but then she may be evern mellower on the way back...hmmm.. so yes, it will be Eva or Kaspar and it will most likely come down to the weather.  If it's raining, I will not take Kaspar as I do not want him getting soaked, all that hair and he is definitely too big to hang out in the bohemian cafe I will take refuge at to visit with friends.  Eva will do nicely under the table.  I wonder if she'll l ike the resident cat?  But if the weather is pleasnat it maybe nice to have Kaspar along with me for a nice stroll through the French Quarter.

I'll try and get some good pictures!  In the meantime here's he fun at past Mardi Gras ...Kaspar@Marid Gras