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February 28, 2017

Kaspar Goes to the Mardi Gras

HOw Kaspar was loved on and then some...

Well first the weather was perfect.  Warm and breezy - couldn't have wished for more.  We stayed on the shady side of the streets, driving first to our favorite Cafe in the Marigny, then taking a leisurely walk to the French Quarter and back.  At the cafe we had a bench to sit on, water buckets, doggy-friends coming by to chat (or sniff and maybe a bark here and there) and a nice chunk of sidewalk to lie on in the shade between the table while the street party was in full swing.  

Kaspar throughout the afternoon must have had a thousand pats and kisses.  He definitely was the most loved upon four legged out there.  Even those who did not pet, had a comment 'whoa, that's a big dog" "whoa that's a beautiful dog" "Oh look how sweet" " Oh look how gorgeous" and so on.  He had more than a thousand photos taken!  What a great day and he looked so regal and humble both.  

came home tired and thirsty and well loved.  Bonnet, Eva, Marguerite and Elfie had to do a torough vacuuming with the nose to get all the stories of the day.  

Will try and upload photos soon!!