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November 28, 2018

Renaud de Roncevaux -

ok, maybe Renaud du Mississippi..Another Great Pyr, another great heart!

So we have adopted another Great Pyrenee and renamed him Renaud.  First I thought I'd name him Roncevaux, the famous valley where Roland's troops were ambushed by the Moors but soon realized no one except me would be able to say it, so opted instead for Renaud. No, he's not named after the French car, he is named after the ballad of Renaud and his brothers Richard, Albar and Gaspard (see, a step-brother to Kaspar!).  Another nephew of Charlemagne is misled by Renaud but Charlemagne forgives him...12th century and definitely southwestern France. Renaud fits very nicely. 
And Renaud means Strong Wisdom!  Well that is exactly what we wish and expect from our Great Pyrs. 

So here's our new young man (or dog), 2 year old Renaud,  a badger Great Pyr, with a very sweet if rambunctious disposition. He's a badger because he has tan and black markings around and above his huge brown eyes.  He also has a truly massive head so that he quite looks like a wolf.  He hails from Mississippi but may have been raised in another southern state, where like Kaspar (his step brother now) he was born on a goat farm.  Seems he was prone to wandering about and not paying attention to his flock.  Hmm, I heard that story once before.. Then he was in grave danger, abandoned in a shelter but fortunately a rescue took him in and fostered him and now he is with us, being a nice companion to Kaspar in his old age.  

Of course Kaspar is not able to do all the playing that Renaud would like him to do but yes, they do get along and did from the very start.  I took Kaspar with me in the car to go and pick up Renaud and the drive back was very long and very arduous as it had turned dark early (Oh, how I hate daylight saving) and sheets of rain were pelting the car for about 2/3 of the way.  It was slow going, but the two big boys were stretched out in the back of the car, snoozing away and having entire confidence in my driving abilities.  

When we got home I made the mistake of immediately turning Renaud lose in the house.  Oh, no..there he went sniffing all over like a mad thing and (of course, being a male dog) liftin the leg on every furniture corner.  Not good.  I now have two rugs that will have to remain outdoors possibly still spring when a fortnight of dry heat and sun will permit me to hose them down, get on all fours myself with a scrub brush and then let the sun rays do their magic on them. I have saved many rugs this way but it is work and it does require the assistance of the weather which is not likely this time of year.  

But after this first faux pas, I got a hold of Renaud and stiing myself on the divan I held him by his collar to have a long and serious talk with him. He would have none of it. Instead he leaned his whole body forward, setting his huge head on my shoulder, his nose against the side of my neck and there he stood, motionless, silent, still... like a lovely doggy hug!  like saying "thank you for coming to get me, now I am yours".  It truly made the chase around the house and the 10 hours drive completely worthwhile.  

So yes, as Kaspar and I fell in love all those years ago and have been bff now for 10 years, so Renaud have also cemented an immediate bond.  Since he's continued to create a little daily trouble (like the  quilt and blanket shredding) but he also can be quite the Velcro dog, the kind that is attached to your pant leg or your skirt, but not in any obnoxious manner, just there, a warm kind faithful presence. 

I had switched over to buying smaller bags of dog food over the summer (20 lbs) since all the dogs ate less during the hot months and Kaspar in particular seemed to be fasting quite a bit, but with teh arfival of Renaud and cold nights, I have switched back to the 36lbs bags and every last crunchy morsel disappears  in less than a week!   

Otherwise everyone is doing well, as well as can be expected in view of some of their ages. I have begun to carry Elfie around to put him outside or bring him in or maybe even from room to room since hs is really running into too many walls and furniture.  Elfie and Marguerite sure are happy sleeping the days away.  In colder weather they love to sun on the wood platforms and can spend hours there, catching the rays.  Just like beach bums!  I'm sure the sun is quite good for their skins and coats, they seem to have improved a lot since the last heat wave, more shiny and full. 

Eva is of course Eva. She LOVES to ride in the car.  Is very good at it too, no fuss, no muss.  And Eva thinks she's a big guard dog too, so don't come near the car and think you can just get in or approach me too closely, this girl means business and she knows it.  
She's the one playing with Renaud when she's not chasing Chaplin or Chaplin's not chasing her.  

Now Chaplin is the one who is having the most trouble adjusting.  He had already shown a certain stubberness in asserting himself over Kaspar (and Kaspar couldn't care less) but another Great Pyr on the premises, Non, Alors, Parbleu!! C'est pas possible ca!!  Chaplin really had a fit, one that seems to repeat itself at least once a day. Ahh, Lui again!  Renaud is a total softie about it and usually hides in the laundry room immediately.  No he's not fighting, he'll let Chaplin be the top dog.  I have to be there and supervise and let Chaplin know that in the end I am the Leader of the Pack.. then he remembers and he goes off to chase Eva and be chased in turn.  

 Now an editing note: i am having still lots of trouble getting any photograph up. Not sure why - I used to do it quite well and I dont think I'm forgetting any step but here we are, they just won't go up.  Sad.  This is one of my first new year resolution, January comes I will attend to this and find out why/how and get several new photos uploaded. I mean we've had Chaplin for over a year and not one photo of him!! And now beautiful shots of Renaud.. not right, not fair.  So that's a promise, not so much writng, more photos. 

I am also still debating upon doing a non-profit but I really do not want to grow big. I am very comfortable right now with 9 birds and 5 dogs + one foster.  Anything else would be over the top.  
I have begun a little re-sale shop on Etsy (Gypsy clothing & Decor ) and it serves me well.  I purchase special items here and there, some of them were mine from long ago and as I sell them this budget goes very nicely to feed my adopted critters and provide new cages, toys and treats for the birds when needed, a special grooming experience for the dogs once in a while (get those nails trimmed!) and eveyrone is happy.  

I will write up about my shop soon, yes, yes, this is my #1 New Year resolution, to work on this site and get it up to date... yes..yes.. all in good time!