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March 06, 2019

A Wet Winter

With Dogs means endless cleaning chores..

Well how times fly!! Renaud came to stay with us last October and suddenly it is March and I have not managed to put in a single entry because so busy busy busy.. It seems like it's rained constantly although I know for a fact we did have some dry days, even sone nice days. but not nearly enough of those I can tell you.  

Wet days with many dogs means endless cleaning and chores: there's mud in the house and hair everywhere and messed up rugs and wet dog blankets inside and out in their houses. So when you're not sweeping or vacuuming and mopping up doggy paw prints, you're doing endless loads of laundry and hanging them up to dry and that takes forever as well.  

This has not been fun.  Fortunately everyone is doing well and reasonably happy so we're glad of it.  The few cold nights we had were just that: few and far in between. We never did go below freezing this winter so didn't have the added chore of having to cover the plant beds and more tender flowering bushes.  
In February it looked as if Spring would be quite early and more rains came but now we've just had a couple of cold nights again and some pretty bad storms.. oh joy, more mud! 

I am really anxious and itchy for nice warm spring weather. I'm looking forward to sitting in the sun with a good book and a couple of dogs running around and listening to the birds whistling and chirping away on the front porch.  Spring and summer are my favorite seasons. 

Now spring is very very busy; the veggie and flower and botanical beds all have to be mulched, the grass grows so fast you can watch it grow so it needs cutting quite often.  There are borken tree limbs to pick up and haul onto the burn pile and bushes to cut back and leaves and pine needles to rake and..and.. Spring cleaning! inside and out.  So yes, it is a busy season but still there are breaks here and there, when I can relax and just enjoy watching everyone play around.