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May 06, 2019

Saint Roch has Room For...

With the arrival of Spring, we are adopting... And creating a BUNNY VILLAGE!!

Everyone did so well through the winter - well, yes, lots of vacuuming and mopping and giant heating bills but we managed.  Now spring is upon us and the birds are really enjoying flying about during their play sessions and the dogs can stay out pretty much all day, their enclosed yard having tons of shady spots as well as sunning platform - for whatever suits their fancy.  

We now have 2 super-tall aviary cages for small birds: one has only 2 Diamond Doves in it  and the other 3 Parakeets.  So we are looking to adopt 2 or 4 Diamond Doves and 3 more Parakeets. 

Also we are still feeling that Nanda (Green Conure) could use a friend, some small parrot of friendly disposition to share his large cage with. He is forever going to visit Ravi and Olive and wanting to share their cage but I feel it would be best for him to have a cage-mate of his own.  So any small parrot, another conure maybe, would do just fine after a period of adjustment. I'm just putting this out there, in case someone has a lovely bird they are needing to let go of.  

And then there's the BUNNY VILLAGE!! 

Well now, that may just come into being this very spring. We now have 2 hutches! One is a brand-new chicken coop with a raised nesting house and a ramp and a play area underneath. It will need to have chicken wire tacked on the bottom to prevent bunnies from digging out but otherwise it will be quite a nice home for about 2 bunnies. THen we have an older single story hutch with an inside compartment. It already has chicken wire on the bottom but needs a new piece of wood at one end, and a little bit of cosmetic work.  It would be a fine home for 2 smaller or dwarf bunnies!  

We are also looking for a portable pen, like a puppy pen to place all around those so that the bunnies can have a little time in the grass each day, to munch at their hearts contents.... and of course the bunnies themselves. 
But as they say, if you build it, they will come...