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May 19, 2019

Six Little Birds

Our Parakeet Mini-Flock is Complete

Thanaks to two lovely gifters we now have SIX lovely parakeets for our small bird flock.  A few days ago we adopted Alma and Periwinkle and just yesterday we tood in Breezy! 

So our Parakeet flock now consists of Alma, Bianca, Blue, Breezy, Gris and Periwinkle.  

Everyone is chirping and flitting around the big cage happily and they are lovely to see and hear.  

As their names clearly say, most of them are shades of white, grey and blue. But Breezy is yellow & green, so he/she's brings a note of variety to the flock.   Very happy with our little flock of birds and hoping to have them a long long time.