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May 27, 2019

The Heat is On..

Spring is nearly over, we know it by the Temps...

June is right around the corner and the heat is on!  Up into the high 80s all week long although it is still cool at night, what a blessing!  Just the other day my AC went out!  Oh no, not a good thing.  I am quite ok with living without AC, the Creole cottage I inhabit is designed for hot tropical weather with cross ventilation and of course we have the ceiling fans and lots of tree shade.  BUT late afternoon is the most trying time especially for the dogs.  Quite happy in the night and morning, they really hide after the noon hour, find a patch of cool mud to lie into, in the shade and do not move a single hair.  This is usually the time I bring them in, turn the AC on and let them snooze away the afternoon till sundown.  So I felt sorry for them but thankfully we found a repairman who came on Memorial Day week-end no less and change the thrermostat for us, that was the offending part and all is going to be back to normal.  

Otherwise we are still negotiating (with good sucess so far) to obtain a free large coop that is in New Orleans and will be the ideal place for a couple of rescued/adopted bunny rabbits.  We would keep the smaller coop for a couple of hens.  So we'll have a mini-bunny village, something I've been dreaming up for at least 4 years now but which is finally looking like it will happen.  That area with the hens and bunnies will be totally separate from the dogs' habitat as I can only imagine the degree of utter frustrations the dachshunds would experience at the sight of such tempting preys quite nearby.  Fortunately we have a very nice spot in the very back of the backyard, quite shady and with a leafy non-flooding ground and it's far enough from the dog habitat, quite near the woods.  I visualize the 3 coops there, with an extra enclosure around them so it will literally be a little "village".  A couple of bunnies in one hutch, a couple of hens in an other, maybe a dwarf bunny or two in the smallest of the hutches (once it is repaired to my satisfaction).  I'll need some platforms for the rainy/muddy months and some concrete blocks to sink into the ground around the perimeter since rabbits do dig!   

So what I'm negotiating now is the help of my friend who has a truck and coordinating the time with the community garden manager so we can pick up the coop.  Keeping my fingers crossed that all comes together and then another small dream will be realized.  Happy Bunnies too! 

My grand kids come over fairly often so I can see them really learning about small animals and in particular small farm animals through this new project.  Spring and early summer are the good seasons to establish a new thing so we can iron out all the kinks and get into a good routine before the 'bad' months come.  

Oh and we may have a new volunteer. Really sweet lady brought us two lovely cacti and took some spider plants in exchange, says she'd love to come over sometimes and help out.  So lovely!  

The gardens are a bit overgrown, the grass is... but everything is looking lovely.  Big saucer magnolias in bloom, and the gardenias are just nearly finished.  oh the perfume of them!! The turmeric is out of hte ground and growing quite big, will expect those exquisite flowers later on in summer.  The tiget lillies are ready to bloom too.  Lovely hydrangea pink blooms in the shade garden too.  

The veggie gardens have been producing banana peppers, harvesting 4 to 6 each day, oh the birds LOVE them so much!! We alternate those with fruits (banana or apple).  These are from last year's plants! we had such a mild winter that they made it through and got a new life with early spring.  The new pepper plants are flowering so they'll take over the production soon and there are quite a few big green tomatoes on the vines already, more flowering too.  Lots of zucchini squash flowers and a few eggplants so if all goes well and we do not have to severe of a drought through June/july we should be eating lovely summer veggies and feel really healthy and blessed!  I just LOVE fried green tomatoes!! Aren't I just a perfect little Southern lady??  

We had a spring Yard Sale to help out with the expenses for Saint Roch and it was somewhat of a sucess.  Of coure it's never a resounding success unless you sell every last thing you have out there and it was a lot of work but we did raise a bit of money and had lovely people coming by, always a nice time, with people from the commuity and the neighborhood coming by and visiting with us.  Very encouraging it is! 

So yes, we are looking forward to summer, the long hot days of summer (with the ac on in the pm) and lazy times in the shade of trees and hopefully a new Bunny Village with a couple of rabbits, a couple of hens too.. a little barnyard to enliven the backyard.