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June 10, 2019

Vet Visit!!

The Dachshund Duo's visit to the Community Vet Clinic

The Dachshund Duo had their yearly visit to the Community Veterinary Clinic for their shots.  

Poor Elfie, must be so difficult stone-deaf and blind too.  He barked all the way there in the back of the car and I carried him into the waiting room, making sure the vet tech would know to hold him while he was getting his shot.  Do not speak to him, I said, he cannot hear him.  She brought him back assuring me she had held him the whole time.  He didn't seem worse for it.  Then it was Marguerite's turn so now we have two dachshunds as good as new.  
Marguerite weighed in at 15..6 lbs and Elfie at 12.6 lobs so he has lost about 3 lbs since last year. But he still seems pretty sturdy and manages the steps and the yard on his own.  So no worries yet.  

They had had a bath the day before of course and sported a bandana (Elfie) and a pink hair clip (Marguerite) but the hair clip didn't last the hour and it's too hot to have a bandana around the neck so we took it off after the visit.  To-morrow I'll wash their collars with the towels and put on their new tags. 

Next will be Kasapr. It's going to be a challenge to get him into the car!!! Once I've got that done, I'm home free.