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June 20, 2019

At the Groomers!

Kaspar had a visit to the groomers today...

A nice visit for Kaspar - getting bathed by those nice ladies, having his ears cleaned and toe nails clipped, including those bothersome double dew-claws.  The ladies also shaved his belly which they felt was knotted and would cause him some pain in untangling.  Well since someone turned on the Big Oven up in the sky, he might as well have his underside shaved, it will keep him cooler and more comfortable.

It was a bit of a trial getting up in the car but I managed it and then he was happy for the ride although all in all the day was a bit too demanding for him.  All that standing and walking here and there and up and down.. he seemed quite exhausted when we got home and had to take a long breather under the breezeway before climbing up the four steps into the house.  

yes, that's old age for you - difficulties standing, walking, climbing stairs.. we feel for you buddy!