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June 21, 2019

Another VET VISIT!!

Kaspar's turn to visit the Community Vet Clinic.

So our poor Ol' Man Kaspar has so much trouble with his hips, they simply do not work anymore and he has a hard time standing for more than a minute, let along walking on slippery floor. Forget about getting in the car.  

However I managed to hoist him into the car and drove up for his appointment to the St Tammany Humane Society Community Veterinary Clinic.  The clinic is situated at the shelter on Dog Pound Road. Ok, you may know it (and find it on your GPS) as Harrison Ave but then again everyone knows Dog Pound road!   

We got there and I helped Kaspar out of the car and brought him into the waiting room which was empty. There was a young volunteer there and she graciously helped to put him and hold him on the scale. Our ol' boy weighs 86.6 lbs so he has lost over 20 lbs since his optimum weight (108 lbs).  Poor thing, he really is getting thin in his old age. Kaspar is going on 13 years!!! 

Then we asked if the vet techs could come out and give him his shot while he lay down in the waiting room since it is so hard for him to stand up, particularly on slippery floors such as the laminate that is there.  The receptionist forwarded our inquiry and in no time at all, two wonderful vet techs appeared wtih the syringe in hand and were SO KIND to him and so helpful.  They petted him and spoke to him and he never knew he was getting a shot.  Then they both took charge and with a towel under his belly helped him up and out the door and then promptly carried him up back into the car.  
The entire visit had barely taken 15 mintues or so and we were on our way home.  

I was really impressed today with the kindness and attention everyone paid to our ol' man.  I was also told that next yaar (let's think positive that we'll still have Kaspar with us) I can call them when I am approaching the clinic and they'll come out and give him his shot without having to get out of the car. Now that's service for you!! 
So a BIG THANK YOU to the Community Vet Clinic in Covington LA, for making our visit really as stressless and painless as possible.