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August 02, 2019


Saint Roch Welcomes Henri & Hazel

Well I always say the new moon is the time to start new projects!! The Saint Roch Bunny Village had been planned but then put on hold for one reason or another for ages.. probably going on 3 years!  EIther I didn't have the right habitat ready or funds enough or time enough or the weather was uncooperative or..always a reason for a set back. But finally things have fallen into place and TWO beautiful little bonded lion-head BUNNIES have come to us courtesy of Grassroots Animal Rescue of Starville, MS.

Henri and Hazel are male & female bonded pair. Henri is black with little fawn socks and has been neutered so we will NOT be breeding bunnies.  Enough unwanted bunnies as it is!  Hazel is simialr to a seal point siamese cat: fawn with darker face and ears but she also has a white apron and front legs.  Both are super pretty and sweet little things.  

I got the old small triangular hutch fixed up for them to sleep and hang out on the front proch which is completely secure since it doubles as the aviary.  Right now they are there since they have to get accustomed to their new surroundings and me.  The triangular hutch is big enough for them to live in permanently if need be but I am putting finishing touches on the bigger outdoor chicken coop which has a downstairs play area and a ramp to the vast sleeping quarters upstairs. This coop/hutch could easily house up to 6 mini rabbits no problem so it will be vast for Henri and Hazel once they start spending their days there. It will most likely be placed under the water oak in the front garden or maybe in the camellia garden so they will have shade after the early morning sun and will be close enough for me to carry them back and forth inside and out.  (We will have pictures on the Animals page when all is completed).  

Yes, excited we are!! The routine is not quite established yet, well it's only be one day!  Henri and Hazel are still very skittish around me and I haven't gotten my cage cleaning routine down to a science yet but will in no time at all. I'm sure hoping my tomato bushes like the fertilizer because from what I can see today there's going to be loads of it and I think the garden soil needs a boost so it'll be right on time. 

Renaud took the 4 hours ride to Starkville MS with me to pick up our new pensioneers and he was awesome.  Jessica of Grassroots Animal Rescue was happy to see him again and to see how beautiful he looks and how well he behaves.  He was a bit perplexed after sniffing the rabbit cage but once everyone was loaded in the car he stretched out and enjoyed the ride back just as well.  Renaud is really turning out to be a great dog- companion.  
So now all that is left to do is setttle into the additional routine : 9am Bunny Cage Cleaning, Play time on front porch for Henri and Hazel, Feeding of hay and pellets.  20-30 mn.  Then when the birds get their fruits/veggies at 11am or so, Henri and Hazel will also get their treats so no difficulty there. Refilling their water bottle and hay  can take place when the birds get fed and watered around 6pm, with summer & winter-summer variations of course but I think soon enough our schedule will iorn itself out and all will run smooth. 

Plans for the future of Saint Roch Bunny Village: to work out our routine and familairize Henri and Hazel through the fall, see how it goes through the winter and possibly grow with another pair of bonded bunnies NEXT SPRING.  

There are LOTS of bunnies for adoption so people PLEASE do not breed any more rabbits.  Have your pet rabbit neutered or spayed (it is easier to neuter the males but still few vets do the procedure so inquire about availability and cost before you buy that pet bunny).

Right now everything looks lovely in the bunny world of Saint Roch.  Nice timothy hay, good tasting pellets, a comfy hutch with seagrass mats and twine play balls, fresh water.. one lucky and happy pair of bunnies.  WELCOME HOME HENRI AND HAZEL!