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August 05, 2019


Kale, Carrots & Radicchio, what's there NOT to love??

Henri & Hazel really enjoy their morning treats!!   Have you ever seen cuter bunnies?  They are settling in so nicely and the morning routine now includes cleaning out their night hutch (on the front porch across from the bird cages)  as well as refilling their hay/pellet dishes. This is the time when the hutch is open and they roam the whole front porch to their hearts' content checking out this and that corner, getting picked up and petted some too.  While I cut fruits or sweet peppers or yummy lettuce for the birds, it is no trouble at all to cut up a few veggies for Henri & Hazel.  Once all the treats have been parceled out, they are happy to return into their hutch.  Then it will be time for a good nap on the grass mats.