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August 25, 2019

Of Dogs' Temperaments

Each dog /pet is an individual soul...

It's both a challenge and a wonderful thing to train and live with dogs because each one is an individual soul.  Each one has a unique temperament and personality and by getting to know them individually and tailoring our demands and methods for each, wonderful relationships develop easily.  Then each dog becomes a unique companion and friend.  

The Bandana Banditos, got their nickname from the grooming salon when I was getting ready to take them to Woofstock several years ago.  They are quite like little bandits if you ask me except now Elfie is blind and deaf and Marguerite is also going blind and all they do is sleep all day, often taking the sun. I also call them my 'beach bums".  

Eva is a near-perfect companion.  Pretty much the only one I can take anywhere without a leash because she enver strays far from me.  To me Eva examplifies the question of Karma - born a stray and a runt she was abandoned under a house in a very (VERY) bad part of town.  She should have died. She was left to die. But look at her now, living the life in the country with a huge yard to play in and a nice house to rest in. She feels very close to me as if I was the instrument of her good karma (well, I am the facilitator) so she sleeps on the floor at the foot of my bed and during the day hides near the sofa if I happen to be there writing or reading..simply never wnats to be far.  She is sweet with the kids and altogether grateful to be with us.  

Chaplin is the clown of hte house!  Mr. Smiley. Another nickname for him is "Snores". Those flat-nose dogs.  Chaplin is really fun to watch, he loves to play with his stuffed cat (killing it over and over) and he takes long naps.  Typically once in a while he's get a bee in his bonnet and fight Renaud or takes off and waks down the street and refuses to come back.  Just a character!  But so funny you can't really stay mad at him for long. 

Renaud learned so much from Kaspar that he is soon becoming another GREAT great Pyr but once in a while he also shows a little quirk to his temperament, maybe something he could have learnt from Bonnet Bleu if Bonnet has still been around.  For instance he is prone once in a while to try and dig a hole by the fence and in case some of the pickets should fall down, well how nice it is to squeeze under and through, maybe making the hole a bit bigger by pushing hard with that big head of his, and take a stroll around the neighborhood and get nice and muddy.  Sometimes you just see that little glint of independant thinking in his eyes and sometimes he just tries to push the envelope and get over on me, so I like to call him Big Boss Man.  But then he'll lie down on the floor and when I happen to pass by he'll reach out to me with a paw, 'hey i'm here, be my friend' and I stop and pet him and marvel at how much he learnt from our ol' Kaspar.