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September 04, 2019

Two Fat Little Bunnies!

And picky too!!

So Henri and Hazel are settling in just fine. Henri sure likes his food..and he's probably doubled in size and weight since he's come to Saint Roch!  hazel is also doing just fine.  Every day they get their timothy hay, pellets and some cut up veggies.  First time I tried yellow squash and zucchini, they ate the zucchini but left the yellow squash.  Ok.. then the zucchini on other occasions also got left behind. Hmm, getting picky are we??  I just got a big bag of mixed greens so that should do nicely with some bits of carrots, radishes, apples or such sweet things.  

The taming part is also going pretty well. No more bleeding cratched hands although they are still pretty nervous about getting picked up and always ALWAYS ready to spring up and out of my lap and hop their hearts contents around the front porch.  One thing I know is I have to be super conscious of never EVER having the door unlocked when I am working with their hutch.  I pick both Henri and Hazel once each day to brush them (very soft little brush I had bought for a young long haired dachshund many years ago is perfect for them). They seem to really enjoy the brushing and are beginning to learn to sit still in my lap while I'm brushing them.  There's still plenty of work to do in the taming department, poor things are on the bottom of the food chain after all so fear is their natural element, but we are making definite progress, I am happy to say.