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October 03, 2019

Boudreaux Update

Clean bill of health! Complete Recovery for Boudreaux!

Boudreaux (aka Le Monsieur) had an appointment at the Saint Tammany Humane Society Clinic today. He needed to have his eye checked since he'd had a small operation on the lid less than 2 weeks ago, just prior to his adoption by my friend.  So once again we journeyed up to Covington, Kenneth and I, wiht Schwartzy (aka The Princess) and Boudreaux to see the doctor.  Well, Boudreaux was in great anxiety upon arriving at the shelter. We tried to reassure him that he was not to stay there but words only go so far wtth four-leggeds.  Fortunately his check up was super swift and in no time at all he had received a clean bill of health and we were back in the van and on our way back to our respective homes!  Boudreaux was all happy again! 

Next trip to the clinic will be for Chaplin, possibly as soon as this saturday.