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October 25, 2019

The Rains Have Come..

We wish and pray for rain and then..

We wish and pray for rain, the soil is parched, the plants are thirsty and then the rains come in such a deluge that we wonder, when will this stop?  So this morning I woke up to a proper deluge, there's even fat water drops falling down the chimney and into the fireplace. Now all the dogs are hiding in safe and dry spots having complained to be let out early in the morning but what a sad surprise they had: no playing in the yard in the sun today.  

The bunnies will stay in their indoor habitat all day too. Only the birds sing with glee, this must remind them of their native rainforests. I noticed they do seem to love hearing the thunder and the rain tatoo on the metal roof and awnings.  Happy birds!  Sing and chirp all you want, it will make the day less dreary. 
I am also thinking the garden is happy, the banana peppers which are still producing will grow fatter and the trees around will drink up all they want.  

So the rain makes for a darker house and a day of enforced inactivity (oh am I glad I did that section of fence just the other day even though I had to force myself into it), there is a lot of good to be said for the rainy weather that usually comes as november approaches.