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November 11, 2019

R.I.P. Sweet Marguerite

A Month After Her Friend Elfie, Marguerite Has Departed From This World..

Once again I found a dead dachshund peacefully laid out in the garden this morning.  A month after Elfie's departure from this world, Marguerite has gone too. Another blue monday is what I thought. 

I got Marguerite when she was quite young still. She was in an abusive home and I had Sebastian, the most spoilt rotten mean-as-can-be beautiful little dachshund you can ever imagine. I thought a young female friend might sweeten him up. Oh did she ever!  I went to pick up Marguerite, the neighbor told me she was regularly kicked (couldn't house-train her) and passing by my vet on my way back, all the techs exclaimed, "oh you are doing such a good thing now, she's being so abused".  So the dye was cast.  For better or worse little Sebastian would have a girlfriend.  And indeed it was love at first sight.  Marguerite got her place at the communal food dish first, same with the water dish, she had her choice of side of bed and blanket, Sebastian stood back looking and waiting.  The little fire-cracker was all cool and sweet the minute Marguerite arrived.  Did those two had fun. And then Sebastian died. 
After a couple of months I took in Elfie and this time Marguerite became the guardian and best friend for little ol' Elfie.  He could defend himself, particularly when foodstuff was concerned but Marguerite who was bigger always gave in and stood back.  She was kind with Elfie all the way to the end. 

About a month and a half ago Marguerite began to leave some of her food behind. Not like her at all but I attributed this to the hot temps of summer when dogs typically eat less.  Marguerite had alwasy been one to wolf her food down but now she was being finicky and even threw up a few times.  I gave her less. Then after Elfie's death she simply stopped eating. Again I misread her condition and thought she was grieving.  But this went on and on.. I began to cook some rice for her, in some broth. The first night she tried to eat some but threw up later and the next night she would not eat again.  I tried more home-cooked variations and left overs to no avail.  Sweet pototo skins were a hit, then not.  Soft meaty dog food was a hit agin and then not.  And the whole time Marguerite got skinnier and skinnier.  

I brushed her as usual, as part of the daily brushing of all the dogs and I could feel her ribs and her little leg bones but she enjoyed the brushing, wagging her tail.  The last time I saw Marguerite alive, she was wagging her tail!  She was my happy girl through and through.  But when brushing her I could see her stomach was big, bigger than it should be for a dog that is not eating and has not eaten.  

Finally a few days ago she began to 'crab', which reminded me of Bonnet Bleu, his walkind sideways when he had the big tumor on his side.  This did not portend well.  She had difficulty coming up the 4 steps to come into the house.  Yesterday she came in to sleep and then woke me up very early to go out but had difficulty going down the stairs to the dog-yard.  Two hours later she had passed.  

I prayed that Marguerite who had such a peaceful and non-threatening life over here with her two best firends, Sebastian and Elfie goes to a world where NO dog is ever abused and where they have cause to wag their tails constantly, for no reason at all.  
Marguerite will be remembered as that rambunctious little long-haired, wire-haired half of the Bandana Banditos and she will be missed for her kind happy spirit.  

Marguerite is buried behind Elfie, right in back of the Fairie Garden, the Garden itself having been built over Sebastian's remains.. Sleep away little ones, rest a while and come back as fairies if you wish or as their wee pets.   We'll go on missing you. 

I am shell-shocked, for the first time in over 12 years I am without dachshund, the little banditos!