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November 11, 2019

The Deep Freeze A-Coming...

Even in our Deep South, preparations for the deep freeze are on...

Well it was 76 degres today! Positively balmy.  Same yesterday, nice and warm and sunny.  But it takes 3 days to get ready for what's going to happen to-morrow. 
First there will be rain, in fact it has started as I am writing this. The rain will turn cold and nasty and then the temps will drop.  Fifty degrees to be exact between tonight and to-morrow night.

Don't laugh at us if you are living up north or in Canada, having as many critters as I have means work no matter what the beginning number and the end numbers are. 

First the indoor bird cages have to be cleaned because they've been sitting in storage all spring and summer.  Then they have to be brought in. The kitchen is re-arranged to find place for all.  Then Renaud's bed is moved to behind my desk in my small office.  Renaud was a bit annoyed and first opted for the kitchen rug but then he realized it was quite cozy back there too... see picture!

Later tonight the birds will come in and stay in most likely for 3-4 days until the temps have returned to a more tolerable range.  

The bunnies will get a box in the sleeping part of their inside hutch and the box will be filled with extra hay. Imagine that, being able to eat your bedding.  They will however stay on the front porch which is visquined for the winter so will not get as cold as outside. 

Tomorrow the gardens will be covered with blankets and sheets, in between cold rain showers, Yes, that is my least favorite part, rushing around trying to have all the plants covered and getting myself soaked.  Never fear I have a supply of hot chocolate!  

I have done this many times before - with as many as 7 dogs and 15 birds which were way too many for this small house but then again there was something so comforting and cozy about a very cold night and knowing everyone was toasty warm and happy inside.  like camping with old friends in a warm cabin somewhere.. else.