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June 23, 2020


Another Successful Trip to the Groomers!!

Took both Chief and Eva to the Grooming Salon today for a well needed and deserved bath and ear-cleaning. Never mind the nail trim, they play around so much their nails are naturally worn down.  It was important for me to bring both at once since dogs DO learn from each other and Eva is such a doll, listens well and goes where I go that I knew she would bring comfort and maybe even a little know-how to our crazy boy Chief.  Now Catahoula dogs have this big tendency: the crazyness. It goes with the territory. In time they mature and become great dogs. Really great dogs.  Eva is a great dog. 
Chief is very well behaved in the car. He was very nervous about going into the shop and then behind the scenes with a dozen other barking dogs and all the strange smells of the pet shop...Must be quite daunting for a dog who had no socielization from four months old to a year.  These are the most important months, when a dog grows up and becomes a member of his human family... Poor Chief, he missed out on so much.  

I went off to run errands and called at 3:30 to find out if everyone was ready. Yes, said the groomer and Chief was wonderful, really really easy.. 
I knew it!! They do this you know, save the crazyness for the house and home.  Take them out and it's all pussycat behavior and 'your dog is so easy and so pleasant and so".  
Yes, I was pleased.  I went to pick them both up and they were so happy, clean and fresh-smelling with their new bandana foulards, oh la la...THANK YOU ST TAMMANY PETS FOR THE GREAT GROOMING JOB!

 Next week it's the vet clinic.. little by little I'm going to get that crazy Chief to be the great dog he is meant to be!  

(Chief is up for adoption to an adult-onlyl home.. see Animals for Adoption)