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October 26, 2020


Kids Helping Out with Veggie Gardens ...

So two weeks ago my grandson who is 5 helped out with planting all the Curly Kale in the oval raised bed after I showed him out to do it with 3 baby Pak Choys. Since I added some Swiss Chard and Red Leaf Lettuce.  This week-end, I had his two little cousins over as well so it was lovely for him to see the progress the plants had made. My great-grandson (10) then helped with the mulching of the entire triangle bed, the one with the Savoy, Red, Green Cabbages and Broccoli.  Now both beds are ready to keep growing and thriving with only some occasional weeding (oh well the weeds have the say on what occasional really means, might be a bit more often than I care for).   The veggie beds are about 8 feet diameter / triangle side so bigger than they look in the pics. 

Everyone's  reward was a lovely picnic lunch under the magnolias and you can't be more Southern than that!