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February 12, 2021

Parakeet Flock Adopted

How Five Little Chirping Birds Go To Their New Home

With great reluctance I find myself having to rehome soem of the birds  - my health is not what it used to be, my strength is ebbing winter after winter and by december I knew I had to make the hard decision of letting go of some of my feathered friends.  
Bolong, my ornery Senagal Parrot found a GREAT home near Baton Rouge with young people who have experience with ornery parrots, all the better for those qualifications!  I saw photos of him in his new cage with a couple hundred dollars of new toys! Parrot heaven... 

Next came my little flock of parakeets, Blue, Bianca, Periwinkle, Alma, and Sunny.  The lovely lady who chose tehm is a retired nun and found herself with one lonely parakeet..they are social animals who in hte wild live in very large flocks, so it made sense for her to adopt my little group and in time hers would join the flock.  They'll live side by side for a few days and get to know each other.  We had agreed to meet in Hammond because it seemed about half-way between her house and mine. Turned out that the entire Gulf of Mexico was pouring down on us so it was hard driving for each of us but we made it about an hour late and had time to discuss bird care and cage matters and others..then it was time to part. I knew as soon as I met their new owner that I was making the right decision for she is kindness personified.  It was hard fitting their very tall cage into her car but finally we got it in there and we had to leave, driving carefully slow into the bad weather. 

I can't say I don't miss my adopted animals. I DO. I still miss Bolong three weeks later and missing the parakeets is very acute right now but I also know this was the right decision for everyone involved.

Happy Birds - Sad Me..
There are still 7 birds residing at Saint Roch and we're about to have some very bad weather so I'll be busy enough keeping everyone safe and warm.