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February 19, 2021


Just when we thought Spring was early..

Earlier this month my gardener was over to help out preparing the spring and summer veggie bed. He thought we'd have a lovely early spring because it was so mild and pleasant. Little did we know!  Winter came back with a vengeance and we've been cold and then colder since last week-end with no less than 3 nights of having to run water constantly to keep the pipes from freezing.  At least we've had power and the furnace has been humming and the house is warm.  No complaints there.  We've had all the birds inside in their (smaller) indoor cages which seemed to bring about some consternation on their part at first but they are fine for this week and possibly some of next week.  It'll give me time to go out and hose down the large cages properly and get everything spruced up before they move back out.  The dogs have also been sleeping indoors and keeping me from sleeping any night through because there's always the 'we're too hot, we have to get out" moment, usually just when I'm going into a deep sleep period.  So out they go and then I have to stay awake for 20-30 minutes so I can bring them back in.   Gotta love them!!

Anyway we've made out alright, even if it was not all pleasant and lo and behold it looks like next week Spring weather will be returning. 
The dogwood was covered in blooms but I haven't gone back to the woods to see what's happened, I hope they've not all frozen and fallen off because as the first tree to flower in early spring it is a joy to behold, that mass of beautiful clusters of white blooms...