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March 03, 2021


Born Day Before the Full Moon...

  Our cream colored Diamond Dove Nilla had been sitting on some egges for a while.I didn't pay much attention because Silva regularly sits on her eggs and sits and sits and then throws teh eggs out as they are not good.  Friday last (feb 26th) I noticed Nilla was still sitting pretty, her feathers all puffed out and I wanted to know what was going on with those eggs, were there 1 or 2 or even 3. Well SUPRISE was mine when I saw two stark-naked pretty ugly teeny tiny things who must have just been born so tiny they were. Just the size of my little fingernail.  By saturday they had doubled in size and they've been doublng up each and every day.  Looks like we may have one grey and one cream dove added to our little flock. 

Since the full moon was on saturday, they'll be named Luna and Moon. Of course.