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March 23, 2021


When you care for Animals, you notice the Seasons...

Spring is here!  
We had a beautiful week-end and a beautiful monday so took care of cleaning out all the dog houses and crates and washed up all the (smelly) doggy blankets and put out fresh ones and swept the laundry shed and got the grass cut and tidied up the gardens and...yes it is spring!  Never a dull moment but it is pleasant to do those tasks under the warming sun and to know winter is gone. 

The baby Diamond Doves are all grown up - short of a month old  - and nearly the size of their mom. Pretty amazing. They are flying around the cage now, so our flock of little doves is now 5 strong.  Our big dove Corazon has moved to the 1/2 macaw cage left empty when Bolong was adopted and I've put a big corn plant in there so he is happy with room to fly and a natural looking environment. I am looking for a dove companion for him.  Another full size dove.  In the meantime he has the company next door, in the other 1/2 of the macaw cage, of Ravi and Olive and these two always hae entertaining antics for everyone to see.  Olive also likes to talk to himself! 

Chief is still with us, now well behaved in the house and moslty everywhere.  It's time to start taking dogs to the beach, taking turns, Catahoulas one day, Renaud another, Chaplin yet another, but the time to do it is scarcely there.. just too much to do and too little time. Oh yeah, spring!  Still we love it.