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April 28, 2021

April Showers / May Flowers

A Rainy April made for little work done,,

At the end of March I was writing up about delightful weather and Spring having arrived! Little did I know what was in store for us throughout April. Rain, rain and MORE rain. We had the 5th wettet month of April on record. Nearly 11 inches of rain.  A series of storms came and stayed one after the other for 10 days going.  Super depressing, I can tell you.  
SMELLY DOGS ia all I can say..

I had planted the baby tomato plants as well as banana peppers and eggplants and worried about the baby plants being drowned by such sheets of rain falling down.  Feeling qutie like living under Niagara Falls!  But thans to the raised beds the plants simply grew a foot tall!  Amazing.  This week which is downright hot and sunny I can even boast of small peppers on the vines and the first tiny tomato flowers!

The 10 days of constant rain and storms left us with loads of unfinished work. Spring cleaning inside and out was simply not done on time this year.  During one night Eva and Renaud found a weak spot in the picket fence and pushed through creating a space to promptly get out of.  Somehow in my mind's eye I qute see Renaud's big head pushing right through the old and soft pickets.  I heard Chief barking and barking and barking, then Renaud barking back. I thought everyone was in the yard although I was suprised they would be out in the rain and not inside their comfy dry dog houses inside the laundry shed!  Around 5:45 I went to investigae and maybe bring Renaud in but he was nowhwere to be found.  Lightning was crashing about so I couldn't possibly stay out.  A couple of hours later when the storm had abated I found both Renaud and Eva huddled under the breezeway (1/2 of the carport), looking like pigs that had wallowed in the mud to their hearts' content!! OMG!! I brought them in, so happy I was that they had not wandered off.. Well Eva would not - she knows how good she has it over here but Great Pyrenees are a different story, they are prone to wander off..everyone knows this. 
SO I brought them in and my house immediately took on the smell of wet and dirty dogs.  Needless to say the following week, everyone had their turn at the groomers! There goes my small savings! LOL

Now the weather has returned to spring-time, verging on the hot side. 80s during the afternoon and maybe some rain or storms once a week or so..If only it would not come always on the week-end! what's up with that?? Renaud is digging cool spots to lie in or hiding in the shady nooks between the sheds.  I'm finally making progress with the spring cleaning and the gardens are always where I want them.. 

Bought a new bat house, still have to hang it up but I'm looking forward to BATS in the summer evernings.  

Photos:  Garden River  - Felt like the gardens had become a land o' lakes!  Two catahoulas on the rug during the evening storm - The raised veggie garden doing well and nicely mulched!