This is the Saint Roch Gardens and Animal Sanctuary schedule every day of the week.

6- 7 AM: Dogs all go out in dog yard for playtime.

10 AM - 12 PM: Birds move to their largest cages outdoors if weather allows. (Bolong, then Olive and Ravi, then Nanda then small birds). Feeding of treats ( fruits and/or veggies). Cleaning of bird cages if needed. Play time!

11 AM: - Dog bowls, crates, dog houses, blankets and enclosures are cleaned up as necessary.

12 - 6 PM: In hot weather dogs are brought inside to cool out and stay cool. Otherwise there is a whole fenced quarter acre to play in. Safe and secure. Shelters-a-plenty in case of rain too!

5 - 7 PM: Birds are brought in for the night if necessary ( Cold weather). Birds are fed seeds/mix and fresh water.

5 - 7 PM: Brushing of each dog - Setting up of dog crates & houses with blankets or rugs.

5 - 7 PM: All dogs come into the house. All dogs get a dog biscuit or treat.

7 - 9 PM: All dogs are fed separately and sequestered for the night. This set up prevents fights over foodstuff and too much barking at night. Depending on weather conditions dogs may sleep out in dog houses, or indoors in their own preferred corners and rugs.

This is repeated every day, 7 days a week. No pet left behind is another one of my motto! Each dog gets some personal attention and is brushed daily. Hours vary with the seasons and in very hot weather the dogs are often inside from noon or one until sundown whereas in very cold days they may be in at sundown until morning. We stay flexible. Stormy weather also may bring the dogs inside as some are not happy with the thunder. Birds have indoor cages in winter and outdoor flight cages and aviaries on the screened porch in spring-summer but may spend warm winter days out as well.