Calla Lillies

I believe that all sentient beings share equally in the right to a happy life and in as peaceful a manner as possible. Through human interference, manipulation, factory farming, barbaric vivisection, inconsiderate breeding, neglect and abuse, millions of animals suffer needlessly.

I believe that all life is sacred, that all our lives are interconnected and that the suffering of one affects us all. I believe in and support the ethical treatment of all sentient beings.

I believe in the motto "Each One Adopt One", whether it be a dog, cat, hamster, horse, goat, bird or turtle or even a plant. There is one pet in need that will enrich your life and for whom you will bring security and love.

I believe in the motto "Each One Spay/Neuter One". Only through mass spaying /neutering can we stop the exponential growth of unwanted and abandoned pets who will suffer gruesome fates. If you do not own a pet, you can sponsor the neutering/spaying of those pets around you or at the shelter of your choice. Help us help them by preventing the ultimate loss of life.

Saint Roch Gardens and Animal Sanctuary is located in Lacombe, Louisiana and is my abode and that of my rescued animals and plants. I endeavor to create a place of safety, comfort and care for my adopted and rescued animals. My goal is to continue to landscape in such a way as to blend paths, cultivated areas, meditation areas and animal habitats with balance and harmony.

I am not a shelter but a sanctuary. I am not able to take in any more pets, but will direct all who ask to other possible solutions if they truly have a situation that warrants leaving their pet behind.

I cannot pick up puppies, animals that are being re-homed at the owner’s wishes or stray dogs - I do not have no holding facilities for animals that may be sick or injured. If you know of an animal in danger in the Lacombe area, you should get in touch with me asap, although I am very limited in resources at this time I may be able to give you some contacts of others who can help.

Again, I encourage all to neuter and spay your animals, as not to compound the already overwhelming problem of unwanted pets. Please be responsible and care for your animals, they depend entirely on you.

Remember they are VOICELESS and CHOICELESS - make the smart choice for them and show LOVE through CARE. Report all abuse cases to the Humane Society in your area.

At this time I am focusing on adopting and rehoming unwanted birds & small animals. Our biggest plan right now is to start a BUNNY VILLAGE in the spring of 2019!

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