Garter Snake

We have a little over one acre which we are continuing to landscape. Over the past 19 years we have planted a camellia garden, established a small pond, completed 2 botanical gardens & flower garden, have 3 raised veggie plots, several fruit trees in “the orchard” and shady groves.

We are trying to rescue and nurture Louisiana plants whenever possible (such as Blue Flag irises in the ditch, wild ginger, plantains, swamp root, cashmere bouquet, indigo, bald cypress, elderberry and southern magnolias in the wooded areas). A great deal of time and effort and money is spent in the garden and the dogs & birds habitats. We also adopt unwanted plants whenever possible.

Uncle No Shoulder

The Saint Roch Gardens are also home to squirrels, wild birds, hummingbirds, frogs, toads, wild rabbits, bats, butterflies and snakes which we try to accommodate and respect.

Wild Gardens Snack Time


Adoption fees vary by size, pots, etc... Or you can trade in some garden work which would be very welcome.

Email for more information about adoptable plants:


We always need help with trimming bushes, trees, hauling and burning, re-fencing, painting outdoor fences, weeding, etc.. If you are able and willing, we certainly can use the help. We will be glad to exchange some nice plants for your efforts. Saturdays are best for volunteering. Even a couple of hours can be very helpful!

E-mail us to volunteer at